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Solar panels have become an indispensable part of the street scene. Logical, because fossil fuels that previously provided our energy are running out. By generating solar energy yourself, you can see the future of the climate a little brighter.

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Solar Panels on the Roof

The Dutch sun is suitable for generating electricity. Not every roof is suitable for installing solar panels. Through the Easy Nuts platform, you can see if your roof is suitable and what the investment and expected return are.

There are 4 types of solar panels depending on your roof, area, and budget; you can choose your desired solar panels. The newest solar panels are glass-glass solar panels, which provide longer-term returns.

Want to Know What You Can Save?

What you'll save depends on the type of solar panels, number of solar panels, season, and orientation. An average terraced house with 6 solar panels can save up to €31 per month on your electricity bill. Make a calculation right away on the Easy Nuts platform to see the impact solar panels can have on your energy bill.

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