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In recent years, the profession as a sales agent has undergone significant changes due to digitalization, online real estate agents and social media. Due to these market forces, we also see the added value of sales agents decreasing and the brokerage fee decreasing.

Why offer utilities to my customer?

Offers added value by providing meter readings and immediately arranging all utilities for the customer. A customer wants to experience convenience, in this way you relieve the customer of energy, internet, TV and water by registering via the innovative Easy Nuts platform or the handy inspection app.

How exactly does it work?

If a customer moves, the customer is obliged by the government to arrange energy and water for the new home. As a sales agent you can easily and quickly arrange these utilities via the Easy Nuts platform. Easy Nuts pays a compensation of € 160 per customer, which we pay out weekly. The customer has a competitive deal and is relieved.

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As a sales agent for energy, internet, TV, water, mobile and even offering solar panels to your customer.

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