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A heat pump is becoming increasingly popular, which is not surprising given the daily news reports that the Netherlands must get rid of gas. We notice that many people have questions about the efficiency of heat pumps and whether their home is suitable for a heat pump.

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Combat CO2 Emissions with a Heat Pump in Your Home!

A heat pump heats your home and provides hot tap water. The heat pump system replaces the central heating boiler and can be connected to the central heating system. By extracting heat from the air, the ground, or groundwater, the system uses renewable energy. Sustainable indeed! As a result, gas consumption will decrease significantly or even disappear altogether.

There are different types of heat pumps. A hybrid heat pump works alongside a gas condensing boiler and is suitable for homes with moderate insulation. A fully electric heat pump replaces your gas condensing boiler and is suitable for homes with good to very good insulation. A ventilation heat pump extracts heat from ventilation air and is suitable for homes with mechanical ventilation.

Want to Know What You Can Save with a Heat Pump?

An average single-family home consumes about €1,350 per year in gas for heating and hot water (1,700 m3). With a hybrid heat pump, you can reduce this to about €1,150 per year (900 m3 for gas and 1,900 kWh for additional electricity consumption). Your savings amount to approximately €200 per year.

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