Utilities in The Netherlands


Utilities in The Netherlands

Hoe to set-up your utilities when relocating to the Netherlands

One of the first tasks you need to set-up your utilities when moving to the Netherlands. It’s mandory in the Netherlands  to arrange energy and water for your new house.

There is an open market for energy in the Netherlands. Egulatory authorities ensure fair practices and tariffs. You can’t choose the water company since the Dutch water grid is not privatized it’s based on the region of your home.  It’s very difficult to arrange water, energy and internet in the Netherlands because all customer service and websites are in Dutch. It’s very strange for a small country with big international ambition.

Some companies are specialized in set-up utilities online with smart tools and free of charge. Essent, Energiedirect, Nuon and Eneco are the biggest energy companies in The Netherlands. Ziggo, KPN and T-mobile are the biggest internetproviders in the Dutch market.

There are many Internet providers in the Netherlands, offering Internet true cable, ADSL and fibre optics, which may be determined by where you live.You can do a postcode check for internet to see what’s possible on your address. Prices vary depending on provider and what package you go for; generally, the faster the Internet, the higher the cost. Signing up is easy and usually done online or via the phone.

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