The Netherlands: A Haven for Expats


The Netherlands: A Haven for Expats

making it a great place to relocate

The Netherlands: A Haven for Expats

Moving to a new country brings a lot of excitement and just as many challenges. In making the decision to become an expat, one opens the opportunity to experience to a whole new world. You are exposing yourself to different cultures, new people, and often a taking up a new language…It really is a different life.
More and more expats are choosing the Netherlands as their new locale. There are large populations of American and British citizens living in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, and Eindhoven. The attraction of these beautiful cities is not without reason, they are some of the most desired vacation spots in the world, making it a great place to relocate.

Learning the culture and making connections

As mentioned, there are some challenges inherent in moving to a new country. Learning the local norms, making friends, and just fitting in can seem like a difficult task. The Netherlands makes things a little easier as nearly everyone speaks English.
While learning Dutch is a great idea and will further enhance a recent transplant’s linguistic abilities, it is easy to get by speaking English alone. The wonderful people of the region will most likely recognize the attempt at mastering their vernacular and they will offer assist when they notice someone struggling to find words. However, if an expat plans on immersing themselves completely in the culture and forge meaningful relationships, learning Dutch is a necessity.
Newly arriving expats can find some difficulty in making some of life’s necessary connections. Making friend right away is one thing, but locating companies and setting up household utilities is a necessary burden as many of the resources are not in English. Even the one’s that are may be difficult to navigate and understand as the verbiage and processes are not the same as they are in the U.S. and U.K.

The friendliest people in the world

The people are incredibly friendly to strangers. Unlike many large cities in the United States, if an emergency arises strangers will go out of their way to assist. However, some expats find the directness of the Dutch startling, they will say what they mean and express how they feel. While some may find this off-putting, many realize how refreshing and efficient it makes social interactions.
Many expats are surprised by lack of spontaneity as there are few casual meet ups with local friends. Most informal gatherings are planned in advanced, making a surprise visit an unwelcomed event.
Adjusting to the cultural norms is part of transition to life as an expat in the Netherlands. One thing is for certain, you will look back on your immersion into the new culture with a sense of accomplishment and you will be proud of your resiliency.

Earning a living

A relatively small number of expats are independently wealthy, meaning they need gainful employment. This is another reason many expats from the U.S. and the U.K. are living in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Eindhoven. They are the locations for many large, multi-national, and English-speaking companies.
Major corporations such as Phillips, Rabobank, and LyondellBasell Industries are headquartered in the Netherlands but have a global reach. Expats enjoy the benefits of working for large companies, which include many long-term benefits and increased job security. Even if an employee is laid off, the unemployment benefits are generous and can sustain a displaced worker for months.
Unlike in the United States, companies in the Netherlands offer an average of 30 days of paid time off per year. Including the paid vacation time, expats can enjoy nearly twice as much paid vacation as they would in their home countries.


The educational opportunities for natives and expats are excellent. The public-school system is top notch and effectively immerses the youth into the culture. As stated, the cities have high numbers of expats residing in them and are prepared to educate those relocating.
Higher education opportunities are abundant as well. The government offers generous financial aid packages for those receiving undergraduate and graduate level education. The interest rates are low and allow for nearly a decade to repay.

Living the life of an expat

The Netherlands enjoys an incredibly low crime rate. This can be attributed to several factors; the fact that many things that are prohibited in other countries is allowed or accepted may play a part. The Dutch are known to be at the forefront of social acceptance to many actions that are considered vices in other parts of the world. Regardless, there is a low crime rate and people feel comfortable traversing the streets at all times of the day, which is a great relief compared to other parts of western society.

Another attraction for expats to the Netherlands is he local shops and stores. The shopping is known throughout the world. The Dutch are famous for their bakeries and delicious dairy products. There are few chain restaurants in the Netherlands, which only adds to the charm as the businesses are local and unique. Expats can live in the area for years without feeling like they have seen it all.
Nearly everything is within walking distance and the cities are very bike friendly. Adding to this, the public transportation systems are top notch, meaning owning a car is not a requirement.

Making the transition…Easy Nuts is here to help

Whether you have already jumped in and made the commitment to moving to the Netherlands or are considering a change, Easy Nuts is here to help. As we have discussed, the Netherlands is the perfect place to call home. In order to get settled, ensuring all the necessary tasks are complete is the first challenge that must be tackled. To arrange energy, internet, tv, mobile and insurances.

Finding local service providers

Whether you purchased a residence or signed a lease and committed to renting a property, we are here to get you set up as soon as possible. Getting your gas, water, electricity, even internet, TV, mobile carrier and insurance set up is the first thing that must be accomplished. All that can be left to the pros at EasyNuts.

We know what matter…we’ll connect you.

We know the area, we know the service providers, and we can get you set up immediately. Don’t waste time researching, comparing costs, and making the arrangements. We have taken care of all that. We know who offers the best rates and service.
If you are considering using the same service provider as the previous owner/tenant, we will determine if they offer the best rate and provide additional options.
One stop for all your needs
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