Moving to the Hague? We Can Help!


Moving to the Hague? We Can Help!


Moving to the Hague?

Congratulations! You are about to take up residence in one of the Netherlands’ most beautiful cities.
Located on the coast of the North Sea, this western Dutch city of over 500,000 inhabitants is famous for its Gothic buildings. The city hosts the Peace Palace, the International Criminal Court and the United Nation’s International Court of Justice.
If you are an expat relocating to The Hague, then there are a lot of things you will need to do to get settled in. We’re here to help with information and assistance. Here’s how we can help:

Getting You Connected

We can take care of all the connections you need to make on your new home in The Hague—whether it’s a home you have purchased or a rental property. We know the local providers. We can have this all done for you in one day

Taking Care of Your Utilities and Bills

Your first tasks on moving into your new home in the Netherlands often involve getting utilities hooked up. Utilities include such things as gas, water and electricity. You can compare providers for gas, electricity, and water in The Hague. Better than wasting your time doing that, why not hire a company like free of charge.
You will discover that energy bills in the Netherlands are a bit different. You may receive one bill from your energy provider. It will list separate costs for gas and electricity. These, however, may be sent out as separate invoices.
Your water provider will give you several choices. You can pay monthly or you can receive a quarterly bill from your water company. You can set up automatic payments with your bank or you can pay by bank transfer.
For all your utilities you will be directed to send annual meter readings. Don’t worry- the Dutch energy companies will send you a reminder about this.
If you have rented a home in The Hague, your lease should include utilities as part of the rent or as a separate payment. We can check with your landlord about whether this is a separate cost.
If you have bought a house in The Hague, then utilities are a separate cost. However, we can check to see what Dutch utilities company the previous owners used. We can get you hooked up to them or even find you a more economical provider.

Connecting You with the Rest of the World

Another pressing need now that you’ve relocated to the Hague is connecting to a Dutch Internet provider.

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