Internet from T-Mobile

Are you looking for a provider that only provides you with internet? Then you have come to the right place at T-Mobile. You have a lot of freedom when taking out an internet subscription from T-Mobile. Internet at home has never been so fast.
Here’s why you choose T-Mobile:
  • Monthly customizable
  • Combine mobile & home
  • WiFi Plus

My T-Mobile Home

Adjust your monthly subscription for free in My T-Mobile Home
For example, because you want a higher internet speed or a different theme package.

Mobile + home

If you combine T-Mobile mobile with Thuis (Home), you get the highest internet speed for Thuis (Home) at your address, and Unlimited data and calling on your mobile.

Flexibel met T-Mobile Internet Only

At T-Mobile you can make your subscription as extensive as you want. You can opt for an All in 1 package with internet, TV and landline calls or for internet and TV. Choosing to only close the internet is also one of the options. When you opt for internet from T-Mobile, you will receive a modem from us that you can use for years to come. You can adjust your subscription free of charge every month if it turns out that you still need a higher or longer internet speed or want to use TV.

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