Internet from KPN

Lightning fast and reliable KPN Internet for your home.
This is why you choose KPN:
  • Choose the internet speed that suits you
  • Safe online with KPN
  • KPN SuperWifi
  • Internet speed up to 1 Gbit/s
  • Spotify Premium

High Speeds

Choose from 50, 100, 200 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s. Depending on the possibilities at your address. Super good WiFi everywhere in the house, wherever you are.


Only one thing applies to WiFi: you just want it to work. That you can stream, surf the internet and facetime anywhere in the house. Then regular WiFi is sometimes not enough. That is why there is now KPN SuperWifi. This gives you the optimal WiFi speed in every corner of your house, thanks to the ‘KPN Super Wifi points’ that you have connected in no time. Just put the plug in the socket.

Order a new 1-year subscription with KPN SuperWifi now and temporarily receive the KPN SuperWifi points worth € 199 as a gift!

Safe online with KPN

At KPN you are safe online with:

  • KPN Secure device protection
  • Malware filter
  • Secure email with encryption and the spam filter
  • DNSSEC (ip address checker)


Combine Internet and Mobile and get a discount of up to €7.50

Combine KPN Internet and Mobile and you will receive a € 5.00 discount every month. And an additional € 2.50 discount if you choose the 20 GB data bundle or Unlimited Data.

Change? We arrange everything

When you switch providers, you just want to keep using the internet and watching TV. We get that! If you switch to KPN, you will not be without internet and TV for a day with the free Switching Service.

Let us contact you for KPN internet!

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Meer weten?

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