Energy from Essent

The choice of an energy supplier is up to you. You can switch if you are not satisfied with your current contract, or when you move.
You choose Essent because:
  • 100% Green Wind Power
  • Home advantage: extra advantage
  • Competitive prices for variable and fixed rate

100% Green energy

Essent is very transparent about the origin of their energy. All packages provide 100% green electricity that comes exclusively from European wind turbines. If you opt for DoubleGreen, you not only get 100% Dutch wind energy, but also green gas. Green gas comes from biogas and CO2-compensated gas, so Essent invests in projects that reduce CO2 emissions.

Home advantage: extra advantage

All customers get something extra. For example, a discount on your electricity rate, nice gifts and Air Miles. Signing up for Home Advantage is free.

Essent rates

Are you going for a variable rate? Or do you prefer the certainty of fixed rates? Whatever you choose: at Essent you can be sure of a competitive rate.

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